Francesca Matthews

Francesca Matthews

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Store was very helpful

The store was very helpful in assisting me in replacing my batteries and ordering them for a chairlift remote. I would rate him a 10+ in his customer service, will return for any future purchases.
Freitag, Oktober 30, 2020

I highly recommend

The services you offer from the gates to the mathematics products are so welcoming. I would like to see myself coming back for more of you in the near future. So impressive you are that I feel comfortable handing you all my math class.
Mittwoch, Oktober 21, 2020

Good buy

the quality is superb. Easy install and boy do they elevate the look of the car. This was one of my last mods to do but wish it was the first. Fast delivery as well. Will continue to order their products!
Samstag, Oktober 17, 2020

Good customer services

HP may not have always had the best laptop reputation, but the latest HP laptops have taken some design cues from their contemporaries and have really raised the bar. ... And through it all, HP has earned a reputation for reliable laptops with very competent customer services.
Dienstag, Oktober 13, 2020

Best place to work

Great tech, good work-life balance, 30 paid leaves, free meals, free cab Best place to work. Good work culture, Good benefits and HR policies, Good compensation.
Dienstag, Oktober 6, 2020

I Like it

I love the Nike brand. Well laid out store, the staff is helpful and decent prices. Selection for children’s shoes is good and great prices on children’s shoes.
Samstag, Oktober 3, 2020

Good place to shop for trendy clothing !

They are usually good. But wears off after years if you don't take care of it properly. Always has a good collection. Perfect to shop when there's a sale however items get sold very quickly and size availability may be a problem.
Freitag, September 25, 2020

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