Pettag4life bewertet von Jackie Karkeek

Do not touch this company with a bargepole!

This company is singularly the worst I have ever dealt with. I have never, (despite buying thousands of items online over the years, given any company a bad review.. until now.)
I ordered a dog tag and when it arrived, the lettering was so tiny and so bunched up (with loads of available space around where it could have been bigger) that even with reading glasses, I, nor 4 other people I showed it to, could read the contact details properly. It took over a week to arrive, and then when I contacted them (within 10 minutes of opening the envelope, and realising it wasn't fit for purpose), they took another week to respond. When they did eventually respond, they ignored my request for a label to send it back and a refund, asked me to send a photo, which I did and offered me 25% off my next order!! Next order, of this quality..??. I don't think so. The tag is incredibly thin and weighs nothing. It looks like something bought from a flea market! When I went back twice more, saying I just wanted a refund as it was not legible and dreadful quality and that I had been forced to order another one from a reputable UK firm, they ignored me for another week and came back saying I should have sent it back within 7 days if I wanted a refund.The name does NOT tell the customer that they are in fact not in the UK at all, but in Florida, and therefore is exceptionally misleading. So how could I ever have got it back to them in 7 days? What kind of company treats their customers like that? (in Florida)
Samstag, Dezember 2, 2017

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