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BEWARE of Purchasing Mayhem Mystery Experience
Purchased: April 17, 2018
Total Price: $58.00
When attempting to make reservations on website “” we were unsuccessful. It was very evident that the site was useless to achieve reservations. Tried to call the company’s number (863) 420-5320 and was unable to talk to anyone, received automation stating “mailbox full”. Sent e-mail to company with no return reply. When bringing up YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google on their website, all sites refer to “WIX.COM” “A web development platform that lets anyone create a beautiful website using simple drag & drop tool – for free!.” NOT “Mayhem Mystery Theatre Company.”
We have traveled from Pensacola, Fl. to Orlando, Fl., visited the Address Site in person at: I-Drive Grand Resort & Suites (NO Ballroom). Employees there have never heard of “Mayhem Mystery Theatre Company”.
The address: 7056 South Kirkman Road Orlando, Fl. 32819 is actually a business “Espeto Steakhouse”, employees there have never heard of “Mayhem Mystery Theatre Company” either and are going to report it for using their address.
We visited: Dixie Belle’s Café 7125 South Orange Avenue Orlando, Fl. 32809 and it does exist, however they are a Small Restaurant Business of breakfast & lunch ONLY.
** Note: It appears & evident that “Mayhem Mystery Theatre Company” is a SCAM and does not exist.
"Groupon Support" supports this SCAM. Support tells us the addresses are correct & that we did not make reservations within the stated 24 hours which are false statements.
Montag, Mai 7, 2018

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