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Compré un vestido de 35.91 (Código de artículo: #1039439) al que Floryday le sumó 10.50 de envío = 46.41 €
DHL me cobró 7.91 de IVA + 15.23 de gestión de despacho = 23.14 €
Y el 21% de IVA sobre 23.14 = 3.20
35.91 + 10.50 + 7.91 +15.23 + 3.20 = 72.75 €

el doble de lo que costó el vestidito.
I was absolutely shocked when I received my order after waiting almost 6 weeks. The quality of material is absolutely horrific and the product you receive looks NOTHING like the product that is advertised on their website. I highly suggest that you find another company to shop. I have to pay all shipping costs in order to return the garbage they sent me. False advertising- should not have to pay anything! They offered me a 15% off voucher to be used with my next purchase. Seriously!?! Why would I pay for more garbage. BTW: they only post favorable reviews on their website.
Will charge hundreds of dollars to ship a picture. The seller loses because of high shipping costs which lowers the bidding , and the buyer gets ripped off on shipping. Why would anyone use this site BEWARE
Venden carísimo y su calidad es decepcionante, como ir a comprar a un tianguis o a un mercado. Los vestidos hechos con telas de lo más corriente, mal cortados y no se parecen en nada a lo que anuncian en las fotos.

No tiren su dinero a la basura.
Shopping and buying on Floryday was a wonderful experience. I would recommend Floryday for anyone who want the best. All dresses bought are superb and fit. Thank you.
I have had a pleasant time, every time I have shopped with floryday. The quality , colors and fabric of the dresses has been as mentioned in product description. I am going to shop again !

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