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At first I liked their site .i ordered some dresses but need to send some back .

1. Their address is not written properly on the box so I don't know where to send it to
And The post office is asking me for more
Information .

2. [email protected] seems to not be recognised as a valid email address !!

3. The Tel number they have in London as customer service : there is no one there and it's a recording telling you they will contact you within 24h - they haven't yet .

4. I have emailed them a few times and they haven't emailed back yet so if they don't do quickly , it's probably a scam .
Will let you know .
So I used Floryday, because my friend recommended it. In the beginning, I thought that it would be just an ordinary clothing website, I ordered T-shirt and a small bag. First of all, I want to say I was very happy with the shipping time. It was delivered very fast. I was surprised with the quality, I have owned a lot of good quality bags on which I've spent 300-400$, I can definitely say that the bag I bought on Floryday is no less in quality than the bags I've bought for 300-400$. So I would definitely recommend Floryday, Also about T-shirt, Quality was very good and most important it was true to size. In Total I would rate Floryday as one of the best online clothing Stores and trust me i have a lot of experience in online shopping.
Gostei muito das opções oferecidas. São claros na descrição dos produtos e no que é oferecido. A entrega foi rápida e o atendimento excelente! Quanto ao produto, me surpreendi com a qualidade quando chegou. Maravilhoso!
Fugacil would probably work all the time if you didn't do anything for 6 months and just applied the product each day - no exercise, no long stretches with closed shoes, no direct sunlight on the infected toe. I don 't have the answer, but combining this treatment with laser may be the way to go (laser needs help too).
good choice; good products; good materials; good prices and diferent products. To buy in twinkledeals website it's easy and secure.
Well, honestly speaking, i did not like your work. I made an order and it take 4 days more then the decided time. Also i did not like your customer service. You need to improve your service. Please consider it as an improvement to your services.

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