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I love the site to treat myself with some season must haves. Normally I buy clothes in stores, but when i tried twinkledeals i discovered a new way to give myself something a bit bolder and daring than usual. All my purchases so far have been worth the wait and the quality is pretty amazing for the price.
Bought a dress for my mum, it looks nothing like the picture and they keep emailing excuses not to offer a refund. Awful service.
I ordered well in time for the holidays.

The products didn't come until mid January (18th) six weeks later!

The company said: oh well, we don't care - we don't have any control over shipping. They also went on holiday - so there was NO reply, response, info, tracking while they were off - doing whatever.

a simple apology or even a 15% refund would have soothed my very ruffled and disappointed feathers. Clearly this is not an American company where they know the value of customer service.

*I* will never order from them again.
I feel cheated!
this site contains very informative content and it is very useful for students
This service is amazing, they write even for the guys who need essay for yesterday) Well, jokes aside, once, they wrote a book review for me in 1 and a half an hour!!!! Unbelievable!!! I like you a lot, but please, add the option to communicate directly with the writer, it will make the process much easier. And then you really will be the best! Thanks!

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